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Galleria Borghese. 10 Chef-d'œuvre. (French ed.)

Galleria Borghese. 10 Chef-d'œuvre. (French ed.)
titolo Galleria Borghese. 10 Chef-d'œuvre. (French ed.)
argomenti Libri Monografie
Libri in altre lingue
collana Monografie
editore Gebart
formato Libro
lingua francese
pagine 48, 33 ill.
pubblicazione 2007
ISBN 9788898302314
This work describes a selection of widely admired masterpieces. The works chosen are Antonio Canova’s Pauline Bonaparte as Venus Vintrix, Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s David, Apollo and Daphne, and Rape of Persephone, Caravaggio’s Boy with a Fruit Basket, Raphael’s Deposition of Christ and Lady with a Unicorn, Domenichino's Diana and her Nymphs, and Titian’s Sacred and Profane Love. Although these are all highly renowned works amply described in the past, this book’s didactic intent is to supply the analytical tools required to provide

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This book is also available in Italian, English and Russian edition.

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